Innessential B Sides, Remixed

Simmons wrote a nice little post about pop music. Nearly every song on the list was a regular on my sometime-in-the-90s walkman. It was a fun to listen, it felt just like getting a mix tape from a friend in college again.

Inspired I made a my own. Not the same, just a counterpoint of songs that or similar albums from the same era that are a bit more me. Here’s my list:

On Rdio: (Dead link now. RIP Rdio.)

Isaiah’s B-Sides

  1. Gigantic — Pixies

    Really, the whole Surfer Rosa album.

  2. Ever Fallen in Love — Buzzcocks

    I’ve swapped Clash for the Buzzcocks. More pop. And also because it was the first punk song I really loved.

  3. Look On Down the Bridge — Mazzy Star

    This is just a favorite Mazzy Star song. Not pop at all really. Just good.

  4. How Soon Is Now — The Smiths

    Swapped The Church for Smiths. Because Johnny Marr.

  5. Fire in Cairo — The Cure

    My wife is a big fan of later cure. I’m more preferential to their first album.

  6. Walk on the Wild Side — Lou Reed

    If I have to explain why this awesome then just leave now.

  7. Lust for Life — Iggy Pop

    I’m not sure what I swapped this for — but it seemed right.

  8. Waiting for the Great Leap Forward - Billy Bragg

    Pogues are awesome too. But Billy Bragg speaks to my personal political extremist bent.

  9. Waltz #2 (XO) — Elliott Smith

    Every mix tape must contain at least one Elliott Smith song. That’s the rule.

  10. Birthday — The Sugarcubes

    I love this song. That is all.

  11. A Message to You Rudy — The Specials

    I struggled to swap anything for coronershop. I don’t think there’s anything else quite like that. But this is also from multi-cultural working class England — work with me here.

  12. Cold Tea Blues — Cowboy Junkies

    This is not pop. But it is the junkies and is mine and my wife’s rather quirky and unusual wedding dance song. So I’m forcing you to listen to it too. ;-)