There’s no app for that.

Apple’s numbers are in. And they’re even more amazing than predicted. Except for the iPad.

Some justify the news with convenient stories. Like hoping that it’s temporary. Or that it’s an early stage in the durability cycle.

But cheap tablets had a good quarter. LG and Lenovo sold a few more tablets last quarter than a year ago.

The less convenient story is the elephant in the room: there’s no reason to buy an iPad. In 2013 I wrote that most tablet users are browsing the web or updating Facebook. Things a $99 tablet does great. Two years later, things have not changed enough.

Apple needs to give users a reason to pick up their iPad other than Facebook. The iPad needs to solve problems that cheap tablets can’t.

And that means apps. Real apps. Apps that sell for more than 99¢. Sadly, the iPad is chained to an app store that appears bent on shovelware, brands, and free games (contains in-app purchases).

Great apps do exist, of course. But it’s not sufficient that great apps are findable. For the iPad to be great, the crapware needs to be tough to find.